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Work without compromise

Uncertainty is the biggest distraction for business – and for your colleagues, for years ahead.
Decisions have to be made, new ways of working tested.

woho is here…

The Nowhere Office: DEMOS report

By Julia Hobsbawm The first report from the Chair of the Demos Workshift Commission, Julia Hobsbawm, says that lessons learned from the Covid-19 pandemic should inform an entirely new way to approach work, workplace, working life and productivity. In The Nowhere...

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Slack say Remote Work is here to stay…

Slack CEO predicts that Slack’s future workforce will be 20-30% remote, with the majority appearing at work 1-2 days per week for face time with their teams, and working remotely on the other days. Will employers have a choice, is the genie out of the bottle? Will...

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Three Ways Remote Work Could Help Democracy

This paper from Ireland’s Solonian Institute discusses how remote work can impact on democracy by Increasing leisure resulting in more time and capacity for political activityEnabling more citizens and residents to own property and thus acquire a material stake in the...

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Why WFH Isn’t Necessarily Good for Women

Six Solutions… Harvard Business Review opines that COVID-19 has dramatically changed how we view working from home (WFH), which is now a much more widely accepted practice. This would seem on the surface to be an equalizer for women, but the authors describe several...

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woho supports your organisation to intentionally design Hybrid Working, blending hub offices and professional home working infrastructure.
woho delivers the four cornerstones of Hybrid Working that works – Connectivity, Kit, Compliance, and company Culture.

Hybrid working

The new way of working for leading organisations will be a mixture of the best elements of remote or home working, and newly designed hybrid ‘hub’ offices often within existing premises, but intentionally designed for meeting and creating teams.


Dedicated, business-class connectivity is the base level requirement for all future working. At home and online, without compromise. Woho help you plan dedicated broadband across your teams.

Compliance & contracts

Woho’s partners lead with industry specific compliance packages, optimising for excellence in, and avoiding the pitfalls of, new ways of working.


Organisations that intentionally design for high trust, high wellbeing and high productivity cultures will lead in the post-pandemic landscape.


Ergonomic equipment, professional home office infrastructure, enables team members to bespoke the equipment they are going to live with, while corporate parameters are agreed and set using woho.


For a free initial assessment of your organisations needs across hybrid working, make contact with us on,
+44 (0) 20 8144 4255
London, UK (UTC)